The Brave new future of designer infants and the coming race relations, beautifully filmed on the set that is Los Angeles.

“FROZEN ANGELS” is not a science documentary. There have been many films explaining the wonders of human reproduction technology and no doubt there will be many more.

“FROZEN ANGELS” investigates the “future” as it exists today in Los Angeles through the personal stories of wealthy sperm bank presidents, expectant surrogate mothers, gene researchers, hate radio talk show hosts, infertile suburban couples, almost adult designer babies, blonde and blue-eyed egg donors and feminist lawyers.

The promise of perfect children has been added to the shopping list of the American Dream. And why not? With the potential to screen for over 2,000 genetic diseases coming on line in the immediate future – who would risk having imperfect children the old fashioned way? Dr. Cappy Rothman, owner of the world’s largest sperm-bank, says it will not be long before we make alterations to the genetic code just as one types on a typewriter.

“FROZEN ANGELS” follows a cast of characters through the wonder-world of assisted human reproduction while, at the same time, portraying Los Angeles, a city better known for elevating the superficial to an art, for Hollywood, Disneyland, freeways, silicone-implants, film sets of epic proportions, and perfect bodies at Muscle Beach. But in the Mecca of the Body Perfect, one in six couples is now infertile and Angelinos lead the world in the number of fertility clinics per capita. All of their customers are wealthy: 99% are white.

“FROZEN ANGELS”, a highly visual film blurring the line between fiction and documentary, makes the connection to people and the society that would seek to design its children.

Frozen Angels (93min., 58 min. version for television) was produced by Eric Black & Frauke Sandig Umbrella Films for ITVS, in co-production with ZDF, France2 and YLE. Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. Theatrical Distribution: Piffl Medien GmbH. Written and directed by Frauke Sandig & Eric Black, D.O.P.: Eric Black, Line Producer: Brigit Mulders, Editor: Silke Botsch, Sound Design: Out of Silence, Sound Mix: Martin Grube, Music: Zoe Keating a.o., Commissioning Editor: Burkhard Althoff. Copyright: Eric Black & Frauke Sandig Umbrella Films, 2005.

Festivals and Awards: Sundance Film Festival 2005 (Documentary Competition), Visions du Réel, Nyon (International Competition, Audience Award), HotDocs(International Competition), Sydney International Film Festival, IDA DocuWeek, Los Angeles, Vancouver International Film Festival, DOK Leipzig, Mill Valley International Film Festival, Bergen International Film Festival, Tempo Documentary Film Festival, Stockholm, Sheffield International Documentary Festival, Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, Boston Jewish Film Festival, Washington Jewish Film Festival, Guangzhou Int. Documentary Film Festival, FICCO Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival (Special Jury Mention), Festival des Femmes, Creteil (Prix de Cinephage), One World Festival, Prag, Ann Arbour International Film Festival a.o.